Undo Deleted Contacts from Google Contacts

There is a drastic use of Android based smartphones of more than 90% of the population around the world. Android a product of Google and Google has made it easy for the users to save contacts in phone and sync those contacts with Google Accounts as a backup so that these contacts can be retrieved back after signing into any of the android based devices also access these mobile contacts online using contacts application available after logging into the Google account. Most of the Google services are free to use whoever holds and Google Account. There are multiple other services provided by Google for free. There are other paid services by Google which are premium. However, not all individuals would need these services as these are mostly Business based services available online and the most common feature used by all users is Google Search Feature and GMAIL services.

Now talking about our question “how to get back your deleted contacts in Gmail/Google Account”. There are too many instances where you might have deleted these contacts stored in your GMAIL or Google Account.. Google Contacts has a creative feature which helps you get back your contacts with a few simple steps.

Below are the safest and working methods of updating your Deleted contacts from Android Based smart phones. .

Step 1 :

Login to your gmail Account to which your Contacts are already synced

Step 2 :

From right side services list of Google select Google Contacts

Step 3 :

Clicks on Settings Icon available on right side top corner :

Setup 4

Select Undo Changes

Step 5


Select the timeline changes which you would like to get back/ Undo.


Now confirm the details and you will see the contacts are back in your Contacts list of your gmail account and also these can be seen in your android device while you sync the contacts once again into your mobile. 

Google has made it very easy for the users to keep their data safe and secure and retrieve when ever needed.

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