Initial SEO Tips

Learning SEO is not a joke, there are too many people who are willing to build their career with Digital Marketing but do not know where to start there are many things which are evolving in this digital market. To know more about SEO below are some of the tips which one need to keep in your mind. Check list here is below :

Analyze your Market Competitors and Audience

It is always important to analyze your marketing audience, stepping up into SEO without analyzing your audience will lead to a high aging and time taking SEO process, where you might end up with no results even after having a hectic efforts of doing SEO.

Competitive analysis: Analyze your competitors and see where they are standing now and what good way they are proving the services to the users, if you have any ideas or schemes or new thing provided to your users/clients showcase these more so that, your clients would know more about your innovative products, leading to showing more interest in your product, this thing words every where, even online and offline marketing.

Structured approach :  It’s not important who or how your competitor is, its all important for you to show your right set of products to right set of audience. There are many ways in SEO to identify the right set of audience and show your business only to people who are searching for the specific product and here to structure your website according to the product you are selling is the key feature where Google or other search engines trust to show your sites to the right audience instead of the confusing structure most of the websites having now.


Keyword Analysis and Development

Having the right set of keywords, there are millions of searches happening in your targeting or business area. Focusing on right set of audience with right set of keywords is important. Combination of Genuine content, with right set of keywords with well implemented website is again one of the key aspects of SEO.

Search engines are more intelligent to analyze your content and identify the set of content which you are posting and your websites and understand the owner of the content. So at this key standards have a perfect set of keywords list to target with high quality content.

Development of your website which fits to all sets of browsers and technical aspects of different devices which are getting launched every day. Its important for the users to read, understand and share the information across different applications and devices so that there is an hassle free services to the users. These days people do not tend to note every thing on paper but would quickly share the data across devices using different applications and ease to share increases your changes of getting more business along with the search engines to recognize your hassle free application of codes to improve your visibility.

Optimize your content and Page Submissions : 

Having huge content which is meaning less or having a keyword list multiple times will not work these says, its important and a criteria to keep your content detailed at same time brief for search engines to identify your efforts. Having more content then image is some thing suggestable as Search engines are now a days are capable of identifying the image however, the traditional culture of having a good and meaning full content is always suggested.

Structuring your content with necessary tags like H1 and other paragraph tabs instead of using repeated tags, structure your website according to the need. Having more H1 tags or having more loading speed as  such will not help to get your website more relevancy.

Keyword planner tool is one such amazing tool from Google to get more information about your keywords and their search volumes across your targeting areas where you want to rank on the top for some of the search results.

Submitting the right link in right category with a specific collaboration with the content of your website. Your business website might be with multiple products and would have to showcase more number of services. Do not worry there are too many directories which can be used for submissions make sure you are submitting at the right category and there should be a regular updating of your website.

Having a website with normal content and without any updates can lead to lazy submissions, its good to have a updating content of your website along with the interesting postings about your services which can even attract more number of users to your business. So make sure you keep updating your website with new content and also trying to provide new features to the users which are willing to afford the services from your business.


Testing your website for any defect and Monitoring 

Testing your website with multiple tools available in the market is important there are too many free source tools which can give you more accurate information about your website and their analytics.

Apart from the Tools available externally, the Excellent tools which you can user to post and monitor your website performance is Google Analytics. Google Analytics gives you more accurate and elaborated information about visitors of your website.

Measuring number of visitors landing on your website to view your services, implementing more time on the services which you are not getting more focused by your users and also trying to keep an eye on your top listings is very important, its not about submitting your website for page ranks and links keep monitoring your submissions not to miss your SEO specifics and also not to fall into penalty bucket of search engines.

Make sure you understand that the search engines are capable enough of identifying and fraudulent or suspicious activity on your website and can even lead to blocking of your website without any turn around.


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