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With this competing world there are many businesses who are working towards creating awareness about their business and services globally, DIGITAL MARKETING is the major source of reaching to the right and targeting audiences. As the competition is growing between multiple companies and service providers, there is a massive need for the digital marketing professionals. It’s equally competing between every individual digital marketing professional to put on strategic and logical calculations to reachout to target audience and help a business or service to grow its customer data.

This is also being an complete professional course across world to build a career with digital marketing, DIGITAL marketing is dynamic in its nature and there are very few areas which are static. However, dynamic nature of the marketing ideas digitally is again dependent on these static values. So it is important to be thorough with these static regions of Digital Marketing and keep upgrading yourself with all dynamic nature of marketing ideas.

There are multiple tools available in the marketing and online which are necessary which impact digital marketing of the company. Below are the syllabus related to Digital Marketing and their major reachout which are majorly discussed in our online Training's.


Apart from traditional way of learning, sitting in classrooms and working with books and papers, digital classrooms will prove to be more effective. These digital classrooms are now useful learn your desired course or subject sitting from any place, across the Globe. We would most of the time are assigned to multiple tasks and multiple responsibilities but to put out time and upgrade your self with growing technologies we are here to help with the user of Digital Classrooms for Digital Marketing. 

Futurz Technologies are planning to have a updated classroom training sessions in Hyderabad for digital marketing providing professional training to multiple students who are willing to pursue a great career in Digital Marketing. Classroom training for digital marketing in Hyderabad is stated recently by Futurz Technologies but we are looking forward to provide online and other modes of training to who ever in need. Hyderabad is a greater city with versatile platforms to learn and grow and build your career, but getting a proper and professional training for digital marketing in hyderabad is more important. 

You need to know your passion to deal and win your career with digital marketing, learning the course for name sake will not fetch any results infact would result in loosing your valuable time and money. So , keep in mind to get your career goal and reachout out to us. We have a complete guide to your future in Digital Marketing. 


What is Digital Marketing? Benefits of Digital marketing

Digital marketing platforms

Comparing Digital with Traditional Marketing

Defining Marketing Goals

Latest Digital marketing trends

Case studies of Digital Campaigns


  • Introduction to AdWords
  • AdWords Account setup
  • UI, navigation and Billing Settings
  • Managing Account Structure
  • Campaign Management 
  • AdGroups and their users
  • Keyword Match Types
  • Negative keywords list 
  • Keyword Research Tools (KPT) 
  • Ad Auctions and Ad Rank 
  • Quality Score
  • Quality Score components
  • Types of CPC's
  • Bid Strategies (Automatic & Manual) 
  • Ad Formats (Different Ad Types) 
  • Ad Guidelines (Policies) 
  • Ad Extensions 
  • Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)
  • DSA ads and understanding requirements
  • Basics for Conversion tracking 
  • Implementing Conversion Tracking
  • Calculating ROI
  • Reporting (Segments and Filters)
  • Search Terms and Ad Auctions
  • Customization Tools
  • Reporting ( All reporting options) 
  • Custom Notifications 
  • Access Levels
  • Change History Tool
  • My Client Center (MCC - Creation and Managing)
  • Google AdWords Editor Tool

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